12 January 2019 : Current Affairs Quiz Questions PDF Download [India]


12 January 2019 : Current Affairs Quiz Questions PDF Download [India]

Current Affairs Quiz Questions PDF Download [India] : Hello friends, as you all were demanding that you are made available in Daily Current Affairs Quiz Questions , so friends have brought us here for you January January from 12 January 2019 : Current Affairs Quiz Questions , Here is what will be done with your Competitive Exams in mind, here you will be given the Current Affairs January 2019 Quiz Questions, including One Liner Objective Question in Current Affairs Question Answer Form.

1. Q : Which state’s Chief Minister Pema Khandu inaugurated the longest single lane steel cable suspension bridge in the country?
Ans : Arunachal Pradesh,

2. Q : According to the latest World Economic Forum report, for which year, India will be the third largest consumer market after USA and China?
Ans : “2030”,

3. Q :  What percentage of the government and information ministries have increased the rates of government advertisements given to print media?
Ans : “25%”,

4. Q : How many years did America’s Boeing 2018 become the world’s largest aircrafts maker by delivering 806 commercial aircrafts?
Ans : Seven Years,

5. Q : According to the Henley Passport Index, 2019, how many places has India reached two places above last year?
Ans : 79th,

6. Q : Which day is celebrated on 10th January every year?
Ans : World Hindi Day,

7. Q : Under which scheme, the RBI has recently issued guidelines for changing the sensitive details of the card to a token with a unique code?
Ans : Tokenization,

8. Q : Which NASA satellite recently discovered the planet three times as big as the planet?
Ans : TESS,

9. Q :  In what country will the first India-Central Asia Dialogue be organized?
Ans : Uzbekistan,

10. Q : What is the name of Justice who is withdrawing from the constitutional bench hearing the Ayodhya case?
Ans : Justice Yu Lalit,

11. Q :  Sudip Singh, the global head of the IT company, has resigned from his post?
Ans : Infosys,

12. Q : Which former CEO of Hotstar took over the charge of Facebook India’s Vice President and MD?
Ans : Ajit Mohan,

13. Q :  After leaving Jalebi-Barfi, which sweet has recently become the national sweet of Pakistan?
Ans : Gulab Jamun,

14. Q : Which country has recently been included in its member list by the International Cricket Council (ICC)?
Ans : America,

15. Q : In which state of India will the world’s largest cricket stadium be built?
Ans : Gujarat,

16. Q : Which Indian state has recently started the India Youth Games 2018?
Ans : Maharashtra,

17. Q :  In the year 2018, which company’s CEO got the highest ever 84 crores bonus?
Ans : Apple,

18. Q : In which country has Vikram Mistry recently assumed the charge of Indian Ambassador?
Ans : China,

19. Q : Who has launched the 70 point grading index to improve school education?
Ans : HRD,

20. Q : In which city was the 76rd Golden Globe 2019 held?
Ans : Beverly Hills

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